(Disclaimer: Keep in mind, this document is a collaboration effort to make sure everyones voices are heard. If you have any questions, or suggestions for our state we want to hear from you. Leave a video message by clicking HERE. This is our campaign and we all need to be apart of the Restore California Plan)

Economy / Taxes

Eliminate state tax = Impose Tourist tax of 15%
This model is viable & implemented by states such as Florida.
Our focus is making sure that California families, small businesses and independent contractors are considered for financial breaks after a disastrous year of misguided decisions from the leadership of our state.
Our administration will execute a regulatory audit on statewide restrictions, regulations and red tape that continues to push businesses and tax dollars out of our state. The purpose is to identify the issues plaguing our state and then rectify those hazards with the full intention of emerging as a business friendly state. 
This means new revenue opportunities for our state, it’s infrastructure and educational funds to support new student union groups to balance the decision making process when it comes to our young students having access to the best opportunities and of course, school choice.
Our administration will not support further spending on the “train to nowhere”. A full assessment will take place and future plans will be requested of new groups and innovators in hopes of salvaging ideas in the area for trade schools possibly.


During our first 100 days a massive forensic audit will take place under my administration’s direction so we can share with the taxpayers of California. It is time for transparency and seeing up close where your hard earned money is being spent. 
After identifying wasteful spending our office will work with legislators to reallocate mis-used funding and empower underserved organizations & communities so they may have the necessary tools for success.

Homeless Crisis

Our administration will work with local, state and private partners to develop Mental Health facilities, drug and rehab funding and offer wrap-a-round services. Through policy or by executive orders our administration will end statewide tent encampments and make it illegal. 


Under our leadership business restrictions and red tape will be rolled back in support of establishing a vibrant California which will increase our employment status and generate new revenue for our entire state.