Our goal will be to aggressively reform our homeless industry to add pressure on government-funded facilities to produce rehabilitation requirements. Services will be decreased and limited for those who do not elect to participate in the incentive-based programs, opportunities, and housing options. Under my leadership, it may appear uncomfortable being homeless in our state due to new policy restrictions eliminating the right to build tents housing on public sidewalks, public parks, and under bridges statewide. We will administer appropriate funds and services that are geared towards empowering our homeless citizens on a path towards reestablishing themselves through mental health hospital aid and state of the art drug rehab programs that promote a better way of living. Our policy after rehab will focus on housing, creating jobs, and provide trade training, including GED programs and college classes sponsored by partners globally. Our plan will grow, change, and evolve with time, needs, and resources. It is time to eliminate the homeless services that enable our homeless community and for elected officials to dig deeper into the opportunity of fixing this rising issue. 

I support legal immigration. We have laws and a process in place to protect our borders. I do support a wall or additional security innovation that would cripple the drug and child trafficking into our country. We also would revisit our process for legal citizenship and sanctuary laws. I do not support sanctuary cities and will hold cities responsible and accountable for non-compliance.

Our welfare system would be reformed within 2 years of my term by implementing incentive-based programs. Under some circumstances, some will be required to take random drug tests to retain eligibility if they have a history of abuse. Our welfare program will work to empower our citizens, not enable them. Job programs, entrepreneurship programs, trade school grants, credit, and finance classes will all be accessible for participants to evolve grow and excel. Our welfare services will not be a permanent funding source or income for over 3 years, extensions will be available for certain circumstances of course.

I support and stand by the 2nd Amendment 100%. California should be an open carry state and that conversation will be tabled within the first year of my governorship.

Racism has an evolution element that is interpreted through the lens of the beholder in the climate we live in today. Does bias exist, absolutely? But I also agree someone could likely not like you just because they don’t like you and it has nothing to do with race. Our country and even our state of California have had huge issues in the past. I believe bias is more systematic than actual racism in today’s time.

First, Major was way cooler than Courtney. Secondly, I have gone by Major Williams for over 20 years since I have lived in California, and every single soul, except for my wife, my mother, and mother-in-law, call me by my old legal name. Legally my name is Major Williams.

No. I left school early misguided, chasing an NBA career that never materialized. I have no regrets about my path. It led me to Los Angeles, where I met my wife, Aja, on the third day.

I begin my working career in the mental health industry. I did that for four 5 years working at Erikson Mental Health Facilities and Hollywood Gower Young Adult Shelter. I learned first-hand how to market, fundraise, and manage budgets under my mentor Ian Hunter, the chairman and CEO.

I excelled as a marketer for hire for industries like the NBA, NFL, Music & Entertainment productions. My ability to pitch projects of all sorts is one of my strongest attributes, along with the understanding of business.

I begin my political career working behind the scenes with then-candidate Cole Harris of San Marino as he ran for Lt. Governor of California. I played a key role in managing social media, social engagement, and community outreach, to name a few.

I also speak publicly on branding, marketing, politics, entrepreneurship, empowerment, and motivation.

During the initial shut down, I also wrote four books in 3 months, so an author will soon be another title I’ll be able to share.

The first phase of our process is making sure we speak with as many agricultural families and listen to their input, advice, and solutions. Next, we will map out possible solutions and variations on how we accomplish set goals once in office. Our initial target is to identify existing water dams and sourcing locations for new dam developments that will help us recapture water. As we continue connecting and working with advisors, we will expand and continue to share our progress. Just know I will not let our farming communities fail under my leadership. I deeply value of AG industry and what it brings to our state.

Absolutely not. Within my first 100 days as Governor, those affected by bills like sb276 and sb277 will find comfort knowing I will use all the powers and influence of my office to strike those bills down and protect parents’ choice against mandatory vaccinations. In time we will share more of our comprehensive plan on how we will execute our strategy and plan. It is best to hold our cards close to our chest to ensure what we present can be executed and not prepared for by opposing legislators. 

I’m an entrepreneur with extensive business (the nonprofit sector, marketing various industries brands, products, and services) experience and I’ve been engaged in statewide activism for several years. I’ve also repeatedly read and followed the principles of the US Constitution, California State Constitution, and the Bible.

Newsom and many in leadership positions right now aren’t even qualified to wait in line. However, they do seem to be quite skilled in stealing the fruits of your labor and redistributing them to professional freeloaders. They’re also talented at making draconian rules for you to live under that they themselves completely ignore. 

Another thing that makes me qualified is that I generally like people and listening to what they have to say. I love connecting with real voters in towns and cities all up and down our beautiful coast

As your next Governor, I have a vision called “Restore California.” It’s going to propel our state towards prosperity, lower taxes, and develop new revenue-making California business-friendly once and for all. As your next Governor, I will never ask anything of you that I personally wouldn’t do myself. I will always be standing with you and not above you.

Education is a cornerstone of our state. If we are going to compete academically, we must fully adopt and support school choice so that parents can send their children to schools they know will benefit their child.

I intend to execute a forensic audit that will allow us to identify wasteful spending and track underfunding in urban communities when schools do not have the necessary supplies and tools to teach effectively.

The union needs to explore reform seriously, and I look forward to joining that conversation as the next Governor to ensure our children are being empowered versus indoctrinated. We must protect our children from harmful educational tactics and eliminate bias politically and religious points of view, shaping parents’ kids against their household upbringing. 

Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are morally off their hinges with so much bias against conservatives. I look forward to working with the presidential administration on aggressively evening the playing field and fighting for those individuals who have been targeted by these types of companies.

I believe in supporting good policy, and he has delivered on his campaign promises with opportunity zones for urban communities, clearing federal funding for historic HBCU’s, prison reform, which I had the honor to lobby in support of and because under his leadership, the economy was roaring pre-Covid and as this passes our nation is primed to do remarkable things once more. 

I believe it is a misguided bill that has produced more damage than good and as the next Governor we will work to strike the bill down and support the diverse new workforce which gives many Californians freedoms.

What excites me most about becoming the next Governor is to target this atrocious industry like never before. Within our Retore California Plan (RCP) our administration will launch the No Mercy policy and task force to work towards the total dismantling of that industry and locking perpetrators up for a very long time. 

I have three sons.

On February 17, 2021 it will be 15 years married and together 20 years.

Family walks, traveling, basketball, reading, hunting, golf and hiking.

No. But my son has a rabbit. So, kinda 🙂

Because I cannot idly watch California be destroyed by Gavin Newsom and his irrational policies.

I am running for governor because I love and respect the people of this great state. I am running because I have the passion, drive, and commitment to make the changes needed to restore California’s fiscal sanity. I’m also running because unlike Newsom and other candidates, I am not beholden to corporate or special interests.

Dallas, Texas originally. I have lived in California 20 years.

Being President is a challenging task, and it is very taxing mentally, physically, and spiritually one can assume. I envision becoming Governor and can’t see past its materialization at the moment.
The Black Lives Matter theme, in the beginning, made perfect sense to me and millions of others upon its birth. Since the movement has been hi-jacked and self-described Marxist founders and their mission statement does not represent the black community. I do not support the BLM organization. All lives matter; it is time to heal and elevate one another.
Foreign policy is the diplomatic interaction with other nations. I know our government already has well-established relationships and intel to help guide my decisions as to the next Governor of California.
Finance is a term for matters regarding the management, creation, and study of money and investments. Specifically, it deals with the questions of how and why an individual, company, or government acquires the money needed – called capital in the company context – and how they spend or invest that money. Being able to understand a business has afforded me many years of experience in a variety of industries. I look forward to using what I learned and collaborating with our administration to bring balance back to our state’s budget and spending.
No. But, I understand how they are built, and the process varies as there is no one solution, method, or path in 2020 due to the vast amount of opportunity our country and state offers. But, the formula of hard work, paying attention to detail, and entrusting others with strengths in areas you may lack without a doubt is key.
I have provided consulting for clients worth multiple millions of dollars. I have added value to long term strategies for very wealthy billionaires and managed their direct branding, messaging and marketing campaigns. Independently I managed private ad accounts with a spending budget of $70 million.
I wanted to create a Q&A page to answer on one platform so I didn’t have to answer the same or similar 8 questions over and over again.
Under my leadership we will address this issue by reducing regulations on small businesses and allow them to open faster so that job opportunities can be created. Another thing we will do is welcome big corporations back to our state if they can produce a minimum 4,000 jobs in our state. Thise companies get tax breaks, but our economy gets back to work and food is on the table again. This will not be as easy as typing this text, but that is one of many ideas we are working to present before and after I am elected as the next Governor of California.

I believe there have been many cases across the state when this has happened. Do I think it is a part of law enforcement protocol, no. We can universally agree on the side of the community and our law enforcement that we need to turn a corner of civility and shed this negative stigma that lingers today. The objective is to increase community outreach, work with local residents and officers to bridge the gap and end the divide.

All you see is people in my post, that’s all. Amazing supporters.

I visit all communities and will continue to do so. In some areas we are asked not to film or take pictures and sometimes when we do we are asked that we do not post them. I am a candidate who happens to be Republican and that in itself can cause people to question my motive of visiting them so I respect their wishes. All lives and communities matter to me and our campaign.

I am 43 years young.
I did, I begin by running for Mayor of Pasadena and made history getting the most votes for a first time candidate ever. I begin my campaign two years early which gave me an opportunity to learn so much and grow in this political space. I look forward to servicing our state and our communities.
We will launch executive orders dismantling bills like SB276,SB277, SB145 and AB5 for starters. Our administration will also execute the No Mercy task force and policy which will target high level criminals involved in the child sex tracffickng industry.
I love black because it goes with everything but I enjoy wearing red and or grey. Those are my favorites.
I wear a size 12
Yes, once very briefly at a random fundraiser locally in Pasadena, California.
I haven’t considered anything beyond winning and earning the opportunity to serve.
Yes, we will explore the existing dams and opportunities to fund new developments to store our water.
  1. Reverence & Respect To God, Family, And The Constitution
  2. Positions on issues based upon the Constitution and free market principals
  3. People over corporate profits
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