How do you plan on handling homelessness?

My goal will be the reformation of our homeless industry to add pressure on government-funded facilities to produce rehabilitation requirements. Services will be decreased and limited for those who do not participate in our incentive-based programs, opportunities, and housing. Under my governorship, it will be said it is uncomfortable being homeless in our city due to so many restrictions like eliminating the right to build tents and housing on public sidewalks and under bridges statewide. We will administer appropriate funds and services that are geared towards helping our homeless citizens become reestablished through mental help and aggressive drug rehab programs that promote a better way of living. Housing, job, and trade training will be readily available, including GED programs or college classes sponsored by partners globally. Our plans will grow, change, and evolve with time, need, and resources but this is the thought process. It is time to work towards healing and reestablishing and end the culture of services that enable our homeless community.

What’s your stance on illegal immigration?

I support legal immigration. We have laws and a process in place to protect our borders. I do support a wall or additional security innovation that would cripple the drug and child trafficking into our country. We also would revisit our process for legal citizenship and sanctuary laws. I do not support sanctuary cities and will hold cities responsible and accountable for non-compliance.

Our state's Welfare system is abused, how would you fix it?

Our welfare system would be reformed within 2 years of my term by implementing incentive-based programs. Under some circumstances, some will be required to take random drug tests to retain eligibility if they have a history of abuse. Our welfare program will work to empower our citizens, not enable them. Job programs, entrepreneurship programs, trade school grants, credit, and finance classes will all be accessible for participants to evolve grow and excel. Our welfare services will not be a permanent funding source or income for over 3 years, extensions will be available for certain circumstances of course.

What’s your stance on the 2nd amendment and the right to carry?

I support and stand by the 2nd Amendment 100%. California should be an open carry state and that conversation will be tabled within the first year of my governorship.

Do you believe that Racism is systemic?

Racism has an evolution element that is interpreted through the lens of the beholder in the climate we live in today. Does bias exist, absolutely? But I also agree someone could likely not like you just because they don't like you and it has nothing to do with race. Our country and even our state of California have had huge issues in the past. I believe bias is more systematic than actual racism in today's time.
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